3 electrical jobs that the law permits you to do yourself

24 November 2021

If you have electrical work to do, it can be tempting to want to do it yourself to save money. However, the law on master electricians specifies that only master electricians can carry out electrical renovations. This is normal. The risks of a non-compliant installation are numerous: fires, electric overload, electrocution, etc.

Discover 3 electrical jobs that the law authorizes you to do. For other work, you will have to call an electrician. And this is not such a bad idea because nearly 30% of fires have an electrical origin. Have your work done by an electrician and make your home safe.

Electrical Work That You Can Do By Yourself

As you will see, it is possible to carry out a very limited number of electrical tasks yourself.

An unqualified person has the right to perform the following work in electricity:

  • Change a light bulb
  • Change a fuse
  • Change a plug or switch plate

Note that the fines are very salty for anyone illegally performing electrical work without being a master electrician. We are talking about fines ranging from $500 to $171,000.

Jobs that obligatorily Require An Electrician

Here are some examples of electrical work that must be done by an electrician:

  • Move or change a thermostat
  • Install a luminaire
  • Add fuses
  • Move or change a plug or switch
  • Install a charging station for an electric vehicle
  • Install or move a heating baseboard
  • Connect a heat pump
  • Plug in a dishwasher
  • Plug in a garage door
  • Plug in a spa or pool
  • Upgrade an electrical system
  • Replace an electrical panel

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