4 things to check about the plumbing before signing a lease

21 October 2021

As a tenant you’re not responsible for the plumbing, but water could nevertheless damage your property and increase the cost of your home insurance. A smart and important thing to do when getting ready to sign a lease is to check a few obvious and easily verifiable plumbing components to make sure they’re working properly.

4 things to check about the plumbing before signing a lease


Test the shutoff valves and other valves to make sure they’re working properly and in good condition. You can use them when needed to turn off the water to a tap or service line.

Tap flow

Open the taps all the way and observe the flow. It should be constant. Do you hear any noise in the piping?

Drains and toilet drainage

While water is draining from the faucets and toilet tank, observe the flow. Is it fast or slow? Do you hear noises, like there may be air bubbles? Do you hear noise in the pipes?

Signs of water leaks

Take a good look around. Do you see any signs of water seepage or leaks? They can occur at floor level, under the kitchen or bathroom sink, around pipework, etc.

Hiring a plumber when you’re a tenant

Unless it’s an emergency, tenants should contact their landlord before hiring a plumber. This is important because the law sets out very specific cases to determine whether the landlord or the tenant must pay.