5 renovations you absolutely must do in the spring

15 December 2022

Happy to see that huge mound of snow outside finally melting? Yes indeed, winter has been way too long! All that white is finally turning to green, a sign that spring is really here. After months of cold and the switch to warmer weather, your home may be showing signs that it needs some TLC to stay comfortable, functional and looking its best. In this article we discuss 5 kinds of renovations worth doing in the spring to maximize your well-being and your home’s energy efficiency and good looks.

Replace doors and windows

It’s often during winter that we realize how inefficient and poorly sealed our doors and windows are. If your home was built more than 15 or 20 years ago, chances are you’ll have to consider replacing these important items. Did you know that windows can account for 25% of your home’s heat loss depending on how many you have and their design? After a few years, it’s not just the heat that escapes, it’s your savings. You have your pick of window types today—crank windows, sliding windows, wood frames, aluminum frames—so one is sure to be right for you and your home. You’ll be set for years to come.

Update your air conditioning and heating

Were you too cold this winter or too hot last summer? Is your heating system too old to be safely used, or too energy intensive? It may be time to invest in a state-of-the-art system that provides greater comfort while consuming less energy. There are many options, such as heat pumps, dual-energy or pulsed air systems, etc. The best place to start is with professional advice to see whether the benefits are worth the cost. You can also enhance your well-being by adding to your current equipment, such as by installing a wall-mounted heat pump that can heat one or two rooms on not-so-cold days (above -15°C) as well as provide air conditioning on hot summer days.

Redo your roof

Maybe you suspect water is seeping into your attic. Or perhaps your neighbour from three houses over has kindly brought back shingles that blew off your roof and onto his driveway. One thing’s for sure, there’s no escaping roof repairs when they become necessary. A nice roof makes your home look better while preserving its structure and protecting it from the elements. You also need to think about insulation, because between 28% and 30% of your home’s heat can escape through the attic and the roof.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Have the cold, the wind and seesawing temperatures tested the paint on your home’s balconies, frames or other decorative elements? Spring is a good time to freshen things up. It’s warmer out, so painting’s easier—bubbles won’t form, your primer won’t dry too fast—and everything will be over and done with by the time you’re ready to head off on vacation. The same is true for interior paint work. A heat wave is no time to pull out the paint rollers and brushes. Plus odours don’t linger as long in cooler spring air.


Spring is the perfect time of year to add an embellishing touch to your front or back yard. Shrubs, perennials, annuals—a little seasonal upgrade will have your property looking its very best. You may also need to apply lawn fertilizer in spots, turn the earth in your flowerbeds and apply mulch to limit the growth of weeds. With the right planning and the right combination of plants, you’ll enjoy flowers all summer long in a warm and welcoming setting.


As we’ve seen, a little bit of TLC for your home not only adds to your comfort and enjoyment, it also increases your home’s value. So don’t worry if you notice little defects here and there—it’s perfectly normal after all the snow and the big swings in temperature. Just do a little bit of spring upgrading. There are even government programs that can help cover the cost!