5 tips for making a good impression in front of a customer

20 September 2021

Making a good impression is one of the golden rules of business. First impressions often determine whether we trust the people we meet, so knowing how to make a good one is critical. After all, whether you’re in the middle of a job interview or just visiting a customer, it can be critical to your success. Here are 5 tips from the Daiquiri team to help you make a good impression.

1. Pick your words carefully

People generally expect you as a professional to use language that reflects what you do. It’s a way to demonstrate your professionalism to people on whom you want to make a good impression. Using the right language also imparts a certain credibility that inspires confidence and helps you quickly establish your expertise.

2. Consider how you’re dressed

In business as in every professional milieu, a certain style of dress is recommended. If you want to make a good impression, dressing appropriately can be crucial—when you meet someone for the first time in a business context, it’s probably not a good idea to dress like a rebel. Dressing in accordance with accepted standards is another way to demonstrate your professionalism. It’s also a chance to show that you like to make an effort where it matters. A clean, presentable appearance is sometimes what customers notice first. So make sure your mode of dress matches the job you’ll be doing.

3. Show initiative

By showing initiative, for example, by greeting people first, you show that you’re in control of the situation. Showing a certain amount of initiative can also indicate that you’re interested in working with people. And when you do that, it can further strengthen your confidence and ultimately help you make a good impression.

4. Listen

To make a good impression in business, especially if you’re a service provider, it’s important to listen. This is because a customer who believes their needs have been understood and taken into account will be more likely to trust you. When you earn people’s trust, it’s easier to win contracts.

5. Pay attention to non-verbal communication

Did you know that almost 80 percent of communication between two individuals is non-verbal? We all unconsciously send signals to others. And first impressions are established in the first 7 seconds of a meeting. So when you meet with a customer, it’s important to think about your non-verbal communication. For example, don’t hesitate to look people in the eye. Also be sure to maintain good posture and a tone of voice that demonstrates your composure and know-how. Effective non-verbal communication can make conversations more enjoyable and facilitate your customer relations.