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ProAssistance‘s values are shared not only by all our employees, but also by our vast network of professionals. Because we all share the same goal: the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Reason for being

Our reason for being CUSTOMER

ProAssistance's goal is to be its clients' partner par excellence. A partner that allows them to quickly find - with complete peace of mind - the best professionals for their home maintenance and repair work.

Our reason for being PROS

ProAssistance's goal is to be the tool of choice for home maintenance and repair professionals. A tool that allows them to save management time, perform their work in an optimal way and give them access to a larger pool of qualified customers.

Our values

Professional and courteous

At ProAssistance, professionalism is the foundation of everything we do. It is what drives us to raise our standards and push our limits to better serve all our clients every day.

Earning your trust

At ProAssistance, integrity is a fundamental value that guides all decisions. That's why it's everywhere: in our advice and standards, as well as in all our processes. Because we believe it is an important aspect of earning the trust of each of our clients.

Always passionate

At ProAssistance, we all have one thing in common: passion. The passion that drives our teams begins with the pride and confidence we have in our service offering and our solution. That's why we have so much fun serving our clients. And since passion is contagious, it spreads as much in our teamwork as in our relationship with our clients and professionals.

Commitment to customers

At ProAssistance, we believe that every client deserves our absolute commitment. That's why we are not only available at all times, but we constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

Innovating to serve you better

At ProAssistance, innovation is second nature. That's why we are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the market; to better meet the changing needs of our clients, and to constantly evolve our solutions.