Call on a plumber to have a bath or shower installed

21 October 2021

Are you thinking about redoing your bathroom? Do you have a home construction project in mind? Installing a bath or shower can be a hazardous endeavour if you’ve never done it before. There’s the pipe work to be done, of course, as well as the shower or bath itself, which may require a certain level of expertise.

Use a professional

Installing or replacing a shower or bathtub is an invitation for disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. Depending on the type of installation (initial installation or replacement), the work will vary greatly. There may be pipes to install. The type of bath (recessed, corner or island) or shower (one-piece, modular, cabin or ceramic) you choose will also impact the scope of your project. A plumber may also purchase your bathtub or shower for you so you can take advantage of their contractor discount. So, for the same price as a shower or bath purchased in a hardware store, you might get a better quality product. What’s more, if you have a plumber install your shower or bath, you get the benefit of a warranty in the event of leaks or breakage. You should also be aware that some plumbers only work with certain brands of products and may refuse to install your shower if they feel that the quality is inadequate.