Caulking: A way to save on energy costs 

27 September 2022

If you feel the cold creeping into your home in winter and if you’re bothered by humidity in summer, you probably need better caulking to keep in the heated air in winter and the air-conditioned air in summer. A professional is the person to caulk your windows, doors, skylights and more. 


The benefits of residential caulking 

Regardless of the type of home you have, it’s in your best interest to maintain your living space, to ensure your comfort over the long term. When caulking is done thoroughly and carefully, it effectively reduces air leakage and keeps moisture from penetrating the insulation or the building envelope. Not only will caulking improve your comfort, but you will reduce your energy consumption and you’ll see your power or gas bill go down. 


When to take action

Are your old sealants starting to crack or come unglued prematurely? The average sealant generally has an average lifespan of five years. The time to act is when you see its condition start to deteriorate. The good news is that caulking work can be done at any time of year, regardless of the outdoor temperature, however not if it’s raining or snowing heavily. Caulking is an environmental plus because this insulation means your heating units will have to work less hard, improving your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, if all the places where air can enter are well sealed, you are then using only the energy you need to heat. And with a good caulking job, your home’s indoor comfort will never be impacted by seasonal variations.  


Expertise and quality 

Backer rods, tapes and seals: it’s advisable to use superior-quality products. The impermeability of the materials, along with the pro’s know-how and experience, will make all the difference, preventing mould from developing and providing optimal thermal insulation that will hold for many years.  


Protect your real estate 

Your home’s exposure to bad weather will depend on its location and the seasons. A word of warning: moisture is without a doubt your home’s worst enemy. It attacks the home’s interior walls, which may then start to deteriorate. It also attacks the frame, working its way into the beams. In these situations, it’s important to act fast. Watch these areas for damage. 


Industrial and commercial caulking 

Are you a business owner? Then energy consumption is surely one of your concerns. Just like you take care of your home, you should think of maintaining the caulking on your building to maximize the energy performance of your doors and windows. Do business with seasoned professionals for all your sealing work and add value to your real estate investment.