Cost of a kitchen sink faucet

21 October 2021

Has the time come to update your kitchen, but your faucet is obsolete or it just doesn’t work anymore, and you need a new one? How much will a new faucet set you back? You have a wide variety to choose from, with a price range to match!

Low end

If you want to replace a faucet quickly on a limited budget, you can find basic models in hardware stores and home renovation centres for around $50. Basic models are often one piece with handles. The average price of a low-end faucet is between $50 and $100.


A bigger investment will get you more sophisticated designs, such as a one-piece pull-out shower model with a single lever handle or variations in the exterior finishes. A mid-range faucet can retail for $100 to $200. It will be easier to match faucets in this category with the style of your room. The average price of a mid-range faucet is between $100 and $200.

High end

If you’re looking for a product with outstanding style and quality, you’ll find a wide selection of styles, functions and finishes in the high-end range. Did that beautiful tap with a spring-loaded spout catch your eye? Go for it! Or perhaps the one with a hand soap dispenser that fits right into the counter. Why not? In short, if you can afford more than $200 for a faucet, you’ll find more technically sophisticated models in more appealing designs. They will also usually last longer. Feel free to ask the staff at home renovation centres for advice. The average price of a high-end faucet is $200 or more.