Electrical contractor – Making the right choice

21 October 2021

Looking for an electrician and not sure how to choose? Here are our tips for choosing the right electrical contractor!

Choose a contractor in good standing

Electricals contractor must be licensed by the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (CMEQ). CMEQ has been mandated by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) to verify and monitor the qualifications of master electricians to ensure their probity, competence and solvency.

Having electrical work done by someone who’s not an electrician is risky and illegal

All electrical work must be done by electrical contractors who are members in good standing of CMEQ. They are the only ones who have the right to install, renovate, modify or repair electrical systems in whole or in part.

What work can a master electrician do?

Master electricians can do a lot of things. They are usually called upon to:

  • convert heating systems
  • change electrical cabinets (panels)
  • connect hot tubs
  • install wiring
  • install electrical outlets
  • inspect electrical systems
  • install charging stations for electric cars