Error code for Samsung washers

25 November 2021

Has your Samsung washer broken down? There is a good chance that it will display an error code. Here are the error codes for the most common Samsung washers.

Key error codes for Samsung washers

The Samsung washer error codes below explain the errors your washer may be experiencing. To repair it, do not hesitate to call a professional repairer.

8E or 8C Motor error.

1E The water did not reach the correct level when filling the washing machine with water.

HE or HC Problem controlling the temperature of the water or the heating element.

bE1 or bC1 The Power button remains permanently pressed.

bE2 or bC2 A button other than the Power button remains permanently pressed.

bE3 or bC3 Failure of a relay on the main printed circuit board.

tE1, tE2, tE3, tC1, tC2, tC3, 6E Problem with the water temperature sensor.

9E1, 9E2, 9C1, 9C2 Detection of a current voltage too low or too high.

FE or FC Dry blower motor fault or main PCB fault.

AE or AC Communication error between the main printed circuit and the secondary printed circuit.

OE, OC, OF Does not detect the water level in the washing machine.

H1 or HC Problem with heating resistor that heats the water.

LE1 or LC1 Detection of a water leak.

Red padlock The door is locked. The program is not finished.

dE or dC The door is unlocked or open while the washer is in use.

dE1 or dC1 The washing machine has failed to lock the door or the door does not unlock.

4E (or E2) 4C or 4C2 The water fill of the washer has failed.

5E (or E2) 5C The washing machine does not drain. It may also mean that it has detected a slight obstruction during draining.

EU (or E4) or UB The laundry load is not balanced and prevents the spin from working.

E9 Check the end of the drain hose is not located at a point that is too low (make sure that the drain hose holder at the back is intact).

UC or UB The laundry load is not balanced and prevents the spin from working.

1E or 1C The part of the pipe where the water level sensor is located is damaged (perforated).

South Excess foam was detected during washing.

3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C3, 3C4, 3C5, 3C6, 3C7, 3C8 Engine problem.

H2E or HC Problem with resistance (used to heat water) or water temperature sensor.

LC Detection of a water leak.

DDC, DC3 The small hatch on the porthole is improperly closed (Addwash).

Find a Samsung washer repairer

Once your error code is identified among the list of Samsung washer error codes, allows you to find a trusted and available Samsung washing machine repairman in less than 30 minutes. Fill out a troubleshooting request and our trusted partner repairers will contact you to repair your Samsung washer.

Source of error codes: Samsung Canada