Error codes for a Bosch dishwasher

25 November 2021

The error codes for a Bosch dishwasher may be different depending on the model of dishwasher. Error codes help you easily understand the cause of a failure or breakage. These codes greatly facilitate the work of the technician who will have to repair your dishwasher.

Where to find error codes on your Bosch dishwasher

The error codes for a dishwasher are displayed on the LED display which is used to display the duration of the selected wash program.

Error codes for a Bosch dishwasher

The error codes are numerous and all correspond to a specific element. Although they can vary from one model to another, here are the main codes for Bosch dishwashers:
E0 No error code is registered
E1 Heating problem
E2 Defective temperature sensor
E3 Do not fill
E4 Defective water switch
E5 Overload, the dishwasher is overfilled
E6 Aqua Sensor defective

Have a dishwasher repaired with an error code

For some error codes, you can easily fix the problem yourself. In more complex cases, you will need a service technician to repair your Bosch dishwasher.