Error codes for a Samsung refrigerator

25 November 2021

The error codes for a Samsung refrigerator may vary from one model of refrigerator to another. Error codes make it easy to understand the source of a breakdown or breakage and help facilitate the work of the technician who will have to repair your refrigerator.

Where to find error codes on your fridge

The error codes for a refrigerator will be displayed on the LED display which is used to adjust temperature for different parts of the refrigerator.

Error codes for a Samsung refrigerator

The error codes are numerous and all correspond to a specific element. Although they can vary from one model to another, here are the main codes for Samsung refrigerators:

1E Freezer Temperature Sensor Failure
2E Refrigerator compartment temperature probe failure
4E Defrost temperature sensor failure of freezer evaporator
5E Defrost temperature sensor failure of refrigerator evaporator
6E Ambient temperature sensor failure
21E Freezer Evaporator Fan Fault
22E Refrigerator evaporator fan failure
23E Condenser Fan Failure
24E Defrosting the Freezer Evaporator System
25E Refrigerator Evaporator Defrost System Failure
26E Failure of the ice machine
41E or Pc Er Communication error between the control panel and the electronic control panel
81E The compressor could not start
83E The compressor picks up an abnormal current
84E The compressor is locked
85E The compressor supply voltage is too low
86E The compressor supply voltage is too high

Have a refrigerator with an error code repaired

For some error codes you can easily fix the situation yourself. In more complex cases you will need a repair technician to repair your refrigerator.