Finding a plumber for your restaurant

21 October 2021

If you own a restaurant, you may occasionally have to hire a plumber. Our partner plumbers specialize in restaurant and commercial work.

The importance of hiring a professional plumber for restaurant work

Doing plumbing work in a restaurant is very different from doing it in a private residence. The plumber has to act quickly without disturbing patrons or kitchen and dining room staff. Commercial kitchen equipment repairs also require expertise that residential plumbers don’t have.

Plumbing is a key part of your restaurant

Water flows continuously in a restaurant, whether in the kitchen, at the bar or in the washrooms. This is very tough on the plumbing system, as the water contains a lot of waste and grease. A clogged toilet or drain can have adverse consequences, such as a water leak, a broken pipe or odours. You don’t want to give yourself a bad name or have to temporarily shut down. It’s therefore essential that you have a plumber who can do emergency work on short notice. We can help you find one.