Finding a trustworthy plumber

21 October 2021

When it’s time to call in a plumber, people often worry they’ll get taken to the cleaners and charged too much.

In fact, people often use the words “honest plumber” when they’re searching for a plumber on Google.

There are a few things you can do to find a trustworthy plumber. Remember that dishonest plumbers, while few in number, tarnish the image of ethical professional plumbers, who are the majority in Quebec.

How to tell a plumber can be trusted

Here are some ways to tell that a plumber can be trusted:

  • The plumber has a valid RBQ plumber’s licence, provides a street address for their licence and carries insurance.
  • They were recommended by a family member or you got their name from a reputable online quote service.
  • They give you an idea of the cost on the phone and explain possible extra charges like the use of equipment such as plumbing cameras and snakes.
  • They rarely place ads that don’t include their full name and licence number. Avoid plumbers who put leaflets on windshields or in mailboxes with only a phone number and phrases like “best prices” or “the cheapest in town.”
  • The cost should be within the industry average, neither too low nor too high. No real plumber charges $20 an hour. If you do find one, they’re not a plumber and you’ll get no warranty.
  • They offer a warranty on their work and the materials they sell you. You should note, however, that work to unblock toilets, sinks or drains is never guaranteed.
  • They are busy. They may not be immediately available, and you may have to wait a few hours before they can come to your home (in priority cases). Large plumbing companies that have 10, 15 or 20 plumbers on staff may respond more quickly to urgent requests to unclog a toilet, replace a leaking hot water tank or fix a tap.


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