How to fix a dishwasher that makes noise?

25 November 2021

How to fix a dishwasher that makes noise? Sometimes a dishwasher starts making a noise that it did not make before. It is important to know when the noise appears and to know the causes of the noise of the dishwasher. Sometimes, you can do the repair yourself, other times you will need to call an appliance repair technician.

The phase of the cycle during which the dishwasher makes noise

A wash cycle consists of different phases:

  • the filling of the dishwasher
  • washing
  • draining
  • drying the dishes

Carefully identify which phase of the cycle the noise appears. This will make some assumptions about the origin of the dishwasher noise and will target a piece of the washing machine that may need changing.

Causes that explain the sound of a dishwasher

There may be several causes that will cause noise. Here are a few:

  • a washing arm is blocked by a pan tail for example
  • the drain pump or the cycling pump is blocked
  • the seals are worn
  • the water tap is not open properly

If you can not find the cause of the noise and it persists, contact a technician specialized in the repair of appliances without further delay. It could be in your best interest for you to have your dishwasher  repaired by taking advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty.