How to quickly fix a water leak?

23 November 2021

Repairing a water leak quickly helps prevent or limit damage. The earlier a leak is repaired, the less chance damage will be significant. Depending on the size of the leak and its location, you can repair the leak temporarily or permanently. Check out our tips for fixing a leak easily.

Spot a water leak

Depending on where the leak is, there are different ways to spot a water leak.

Spot the water leak yourself

The easiest way is to see a puddle on the ground and find the source of the leak that feeds this puddle.

If you hear a slight hissing sound near your water heater, it could be a leak.
Make a visual inspection of all the pipes in your house and you can certainly locate the leak. If your pipes are hidden by walls, you can use a glass and put it against the wall by placing your ear on the bottom of the glass to hear what is happening behind the walls.

Ask a plumber to spot a water leak

If you can not do it yourself, you can contact a plumber. Plumbers have sophisticated electronic equipment to easily and confidently identify water leaks.

The different repairs to be made for a water leak

There are different types of repairs that you can do yourself or entrust to a professional.

Self-made repairs

If you are DIY, you can do some repairs to repair a water leak. If not, we advise you not to learn on the job, but rather to hire a professional. If you did it yourself, you could cause other damage that could be bigger.

Repairing a water leak on a pipe

To repair a water leak on a pipe you have two possibilities. If the leakage is between two pipes, you will have to tighten the connections using the appropriate key. The leak is still there after tightening the connections? You may need to change the seal. On the other hand, if the leak is in the middle of a pipe, you can use a tape for temporary repair of thermoplastic polymer. It allows temporary sealing of leaks and cuts on a pipe, whether it is dry or wet.

Repairs to be done by a plumber

After locating the leak, the plumber will be able to change your hose or remake the faulty seal. If the plumber has to open a piece of wall to do the repair, you will then have to close the wall and repaint it.

Find a plumber to repair a leak

ProAssistance allows you to find a trusted plumber in minutes to repair a leak or to unclog a toilet.