How to repair a faulty electrical outlet?

24 November 2021

Do you notice that an electrical outlet in your home looks defective? Do not waste time. This could be a sign of electrical overheating. An electrical problem is possibly very dangerous. Immediately call an electrician to check your electrical installation.

Signs that an electrical outlet is defective

There are some obvious signs that a power outlet is faulty. Your power outlet is defective if it:

  • gives off a burning smell,
  • makes noise or sparks,
  • gives off smoke,
  • is blackened or burned,
  • no electronic device works,
  • part of the electrical outlet has melted;
  • etc.

If you notice any of these signs, consult an electrician immediately.

Causes of a faulty electrical outlet

There may be several causes that will make a faulty and dangerous electrical outlet:


A plug in a bathroom, near a pool or spa or just rain can bring water into a power outlet. This can cause a short circuit and damage the plug.

Overheating of the electric cable

A circuit breaker in an electrical panel is designed to protect the electrical circuit in case of over-charging and to prevent overheating of the electrical cables. That said, it may be that a bad circuit breaker installation is higher in amperage than the cable it is supposed to protect and thus creates overheating.

The use of a power strip can be one of the causes since each connected device uses a certain number of amperage and adds up. Combined with the problem cited above, this can become dangerous.

All of these causes can be discovered and repaired by an electrician. This eliminates the risk at the source, which will avoid many problems.

The risks of using a damaged electrical outlet

Using a damaged electrical outlet can lead to very dangerous or even fatal situations. This can cause a house fire, an electric shock, or a short circuit in your electrical system.

Have an electrical outlet serviced by an electrician

Repairing or changing an electrical outlet may seem like a simple task for anyone, experienced or not in DIY. However, as we have just seen, the signs, the origins and the risks of an electrical defect are numerous and can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it is recommended that you have an electrician repair an electrical outlet and make sure your electrical system is compliant.

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