How to unclog a toilet?

21 October 2021

When a toilet gets clogged, you need to unclog it right away unless there s more than one toilet in the house (or the office or store, as the case may be). The toilet is a sanitary device used extensively by the family or clients and it is hard to do without, unlike a clogged bathroom sink that can be temporarily replaced by the kitchen sink.

How to unclog a toilet

There are different ways to unclog a toilet, such as with drain cleaners, which can be natural, chemical or mechanical, or rely on pressure. These are a quick and easy solution for lightly blocked toilets.

Preventing toilet clogging

Prevention is the best way to prevent clogged toilets. Some items must never be flushed down the toilet because they’re sure to cause trouble. This is especially true of things like cat litter, cotton, objects or cooking oil if you flush them regularly down the toilet over several months or years.

The cost of unclogging a toilet

The cost of unclogging a toilet will depend on the method you choose. If you use a drain cleaner, you will simply have to pay the store’s purchase price. This means a few dollars for natural and chemical drain cleaners and from a few dozen up to a few hundred dollars for a drain auger (snake). If you need to call a plumber, it will cost between $115 and $300, depending on how complicated the work is.