LG refrigerator error codes

25 November 2021

LG refrigerator error codes can vary by model. They tell you what’s wrong with your refrigerator. They also make it easier for technicians to do repairs.

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Where to find the codes on your refrigerator

The error codes are displayed on the LED screen used to set temperatures in the different parts of the refrigerator.

Code meanings

There are many error codes, each of which corresponds to a specific item. While they may vary from one model to another, the main codes are the following:

  • Er FS: Freezer sensor error
  • Er rS: Refrigerator sensor error
  • F dS: Problem with the freezer defrost sensor
  • r dS: Problem with the refrigerator defrost sensor
  • Er HS: Problem with the humidity sensor
  • Er IS: Problem with the ice maker sensor
  • Er SS: Pantry sensor open or shorted
  • Er rt: Room temperature sensor error
  • Er It: System error in ice maker
  • Er gF: Flow sensor error
  • F dH: Sensor did not exceed 40° F while defrosting
  • r dH: Sensor did not exceed 40° F
  • Er IF: Ice maker fan problem
  • Er FF: Freezer fan problem
  • Er CF: Condenser fan error
  • Er CO: Communication error