Plumbers available even on weekends and holidays

21 October 2021

If you’ve ever needed a plumber on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, you may have noticed that some say they’re available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, but when you contact them, they never actually are. No one answers your call. No one gets back to you right away. In the meantime, your plumbing problem remains unresolved and you—quite understandably—start to lose your cool. So how do you find a plumber who’s available on weekends or holidays to fix a leak or unclog a toilet? Whether it’s for your home, one of your rental units, or your business, our service will help you quickly find a plumber who can trust to do emergency work.

Statutory holidays

The statutory holidays for plumbers in Quebec are the same as those for all workers:

  • January 1 (New Year’s Day)
  • Good Friday or Easter Monday, at the option of the employer
  • The Monday preceding May 25 (Journée nationale des patriotes)
  • June 24 (Fête nationale du Québec)
  • July 1 or, if it falls on a Sunday, July 2 (Canada Day)
  • The first Monday in September (Labour Day)
  • The second Monday in October (Thanksgiving)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day)

Plumbers charge higher rates on statutory holidays and weekends. The rates (travel and hourly) are generally double the weekday rates.

Plumbers’ rates on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday

As you might imagine, plumbers’ rates are higher on weekends and holidays. Click here to take a look at plumbers’ rates for service calls (clogged toilets, leaks, water heater replacement, tap/valve replacement, etc.) on our platform.