Post jobs to attract the best employees

24 November 2022

Learn how to post job offers to attract the best employees.

With many baby boomers retiring from the workforce, there has never been a greater need to write appealing job ads. And with a smaller pool of qualified workers, companies are having to be creative. You’ve got to get it right. In addition, even the best job ad won’t work it not’s posted where qualified candidates will see it.

The importance of posting job offers

While written job postings still exist, new candidates are searching primarily through websites. You’ll want to make sure your job postings are written by someone experienced in writing web content. Even if the position’s working language is English, consider posting a French version. A potential candidate whose first language is French may be perfectly bilingual and conduct their job search in that language. Don’t miss out on excellent candidates by omitting French. Next, choose the channels to post your job; the type of job you are offering should dictate which sites to use. In addition to your company website, you may want to post your job opening on professional association websites or in employment-related publications.

The right job description for the best candidates

The job description is the crucial element in the search for qualified candidates. In addition to reflecting your corporate culture, the job description must be carefully crafted. It is what will determine the quantity and quality of applicants for the job.

The winning job offer

Your job posting should begin with a job title that leaves no room for misinterpretation, followed by your company description. Mention the accomplishments that you and your employees are proud of. This shows that you value your staff. Be specific in your description of the responsibilities of the position posted, but do not exceed 2 paragraphs. Here, the use of precise language with appropriate keywords is very important. Then follow with qualifications, training, certifications, personal qualities, etc. Finally, attract interest with the working conditions you offer:

  • Salary and advancement opportunities
  • Scheduling (e.g., flextime)
  • Work environment
  • Work location (e.g., remote work capability, public transit facilities)
  • Benefits, work-life balance, etc.

Finish by clearly indicating contact information to apply. And to avoid raising expectations unnecessarily, provide some information on your selection process.

From the job posting to the interview

In summary, here’s how to post job offers to attract the best employees. With these practices in place, you have everything you need to attract the best candidates. Now all you need to do is start the interview process. You’re almost there! Happy hiring!


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