Prepare your heating system for winter in 5 steps

24 November 2021

Here’s how to prepare your winter heating system in 5 steps! Those who have had to replace their heating system know, it is very expensive. Hence the importance of good maintenance, preferably twice a year, in the fall and spring, to increase its life span. During the fall of the leaves, that is towards mid-November, we propose some steps for you to follow in order to prepare your heating system for the winter. You’ll get more efficiency from your heating system, big savings and increased comfort for the whole family.

The steps to follow to prepare your heating system for the winter

Step 1: Clean the filters

Without clean filters, your heater cannot clean the air you breathe from all the impurities in it, such as cigarette smoke, pet hair and various dusts from your daily activities. Depending on the type of filter used, some filters must be changed or cleaned each month, while others must be changed once or twice a year. By neglecting to do so, you risk not only compromising the efficiency of your heating system, but breathing in a lot of dust.

Step 2: Check the thermostats

Many households use an electronic thermostat to save significant amounts on their electricity bills. Unfortunately, thermostats are rarely checked when servicing the heating system. If they are defective, it is advisable to replace them immediately to prevent malfunction of the heater.

Step 3: Clean the baseboard heaters

Before restarting the heating system in the winter, clean baseboards, commonly known as heaters. Dust electric baseboards first with a cloth, then vacuum inside the skirting board. Regular maintenance of the heaters will allow maximum efficiency during the cold season.

Step 4: Examine the chimney

If you have a chimney, you must maintain it at least once a year. If your chimney sweeping was not done in the spring, do it in the fall. Chimney sweeping helps prevent fires, as well as ensuring the efficiency of your heating system. It’s about your comfort and your safety. If you cannot do it yourself, leave the sweeping to a professional. It is recommended to contact a chimney sweep member of the Association of Heating Professionals.

Step 5: Block any air infiltration

Before the arrival of cold weather, consider attacking any air infiltration that may be in your home. Use a caulk for doors and windows. Do not forget the exit of the dryer. Get weatherstripping, or replace cracked weatherstrips with new ones. There are also insulating membranes that can be inserted behind the socket plates to limit air infiltration. These simple actions will allow you to make substantial savings while giving you a better comfort during the winter season.

Find a contractor to prepare your heating system for the winter

ProAssistance allows you to find a heating contractor in minutes to prepare it for the winter. This article is an opportunity to take stock of the state of your heating system and know if any parts should be replaced.