Pros verification process

ProAssistance recognizes that it can be difficult to find a trusted professional to take care of your property. That’s why we’ve put in place a screening process that offers you the expertise of competent, reliable and trusted contractors.

Each Pro recommended to you will have successfully passed our 27-point screening points.


Professionals must prove that they have valid and up-to-date liability insurance to ensure that you are always protected.


Our Pros can only offer their services for projects for which they are authorized to work by law. The validity of their license to perform the work is checked at all times.

Customer satisfaction

Thanks to surveys carried out after the work has been completed, we measure your satisfaction with the quality of service provided by your professional. We conduct regular follow-ups to maximize potential improvements to offer you an outstanding service.

Criminal record

Each professional must complete a rigorous background check showing proof of a clean criminal record and that no charges are pending.

Legal status

Multiple checks are performed by our team at the legal level to ensure that only trusted and experienced professionals are used. We identify company numbers, number of shareholders, number of years in business and more!


We want to offer you the best quality of service, which is why we constantly check the satisfaction of customers who have done business with our partner companies in order to proceed to a fair assessment of them. We also verify complaints with public agencies in that area.

Our commitment

Have peace of mind with ProAssistance

Our checkpoints aim to offer you an excellent quality of service and avoid bad experiences with the professionals you will be dealing with. Whether it’s for your repair or maintenance work, all our Pros meet our selection criteria, to offer you a customer experience that guarantees your satisfaction!

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