Renovation or plumber service call ? That is the question

23 November 2021

When you need a plumber, it is important to choose a plumber based on the plumbing work you have to do.

There are two types of plumbers: renovation plumbers or construction plumbers and service plumbers. Each plumber has the same qualification and has followed the same training to become a plumber. However, in practice, these two plumbers do very different things. Depending on the plumbing work you plan, choosing the right plumber could make all the difference. Indeed, a service call plumber might not have the same ease in laying a shower base as a renovation plumber, for example.

The plumber for renovation or construction

The plumber for renovation or construction will intervene in a project of new construction or renovation. In a new construction project, the plumber will:

  • Connect the property to the city’s water system
  • Set up the sanitary network of the property;
  • Install the water heating system;
  • Set up the sewage system.

This plumber will also ensure the installation of various fixtures such as toilets, sinks, wash basins, faucets, etc.

In a renovation project that will involve changes to the plumbing system or the renovation of a bathroom, washroom, toilet or kitchen, the plumber will be in charge of the modification of the piping and water system, evacuation, and the installation of new sanitary appliances.

The plumber for service calls

The plumber for service calls will assist you in the event of a leak, clogged drain, installation of appliances connected to the plumbing, etc.

The plumber for service calls, by his experience, is able to quickly carry out a sanitary repair or unclogging. They can do dozens per day in both the residential and commercial sectors so you can benefit from their experience and rapid response.

Find the right plumber

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