Repair a broken washing machine

25 November 2021

Washing machines tend to break down after a few years of use. They have been marketed and available to the general public for almost half a century. Over time, there have been many improvements to the washers. But that does not stop them from playing tricks on us and seeing our washer break down. What to do when a failure occurs and several loads wait? It is important to quickly recognize the signs of a washer failure to be able to quickly call a washing machine repairman and put it to use again.

The most common breakdowns of a washer

Washing machines experience several types of breakdowns. Here are the main breakdowns:

  • the washer does not start anymore;
  • abnormal noise when washing, draining or wringing;
  • leaking water during filling, emptying or spinning;
  • the linen is no longer wrung out or badly washed;
  • the washing machine does not drain;
  • the water does not heat up or overheats the selected cycle;
  • the drum is no longer spinning or rotating slowly.
  • Often, the repairer will have to replace a part to remedy the breakdown.

Have a broken washer serviced

If your washer is out of warranty, you will need to find an appliance repairer on your own. For this you will need to describe the make and model number of your washer and describe as much as possible your problem. This will allow the repairer to help you with your broken down washer effectively. Be aware that some repairers do not repair some brands of appliances, so it is important to clearly specify the brand of the broken appliance.

Find a repairer for a washing machine

Our partner appliance repairers are available to help you with your broken down washer. By completing a service request, you will find in a few minutes a trusted repairer who will repair your washer quickly.