Service life of household appliances

25 November 2021

The service life of a household appliance will vary depending on its purchase price and how it’s used. For example, a $349 dishwasher will not last as long as a $2,000 one. Household appliances have an average industrial service life that is provided by the manufacturer and a practical service life, which is generally recognized by the courts in the event of a dispute. It should come as no surprise that the average service life provided by the appliance manufacturers is much longer than the service life recognized by the courts.

Service life of household appliances

The table below shows the average service life of different household appliances.

 Appliance  Average service life 
 Refrigerator  11 to 13 years
 Freezer  12 to 15 years
 Stove  13 to 15 years
 Dishwasher  10 to 11 years
 Washing machine  11 to 14 years
Dryer  12 to 15 years

This information was obtained from Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency and will be very useful if you ever need to enforce your right to have an appliance repaired when it’s no longer under warranty.