Signs that your toilet hose, shower sink or wash basin is clogged

23 November 2021

Do you think a pipe in your home or apartment is clogged? Depending on the room in which it is located, the reasons and consequences of clogging may be different. Here’s all you need to know to understand how a hose gets clogged and signs that a hose is clogged.

How does a pipe get clogged?

There are several reasons why a pipe may clog. The most obvious is the presence of an object or a pile of matter deposited by accident or negligence. For example, when a child throws a toy in the bathroom or when an adult throws food down the kitchen sink while doing the dishes (we’ve done it too!).

Pipe blocked by accumulation

A clogged pipe may be the result of an accumulation of minerals (contained in the water) along the walls of the pipe. This accumulation of minerals then allows hair, fats and food to aggregate and ultimately clog, in whole or in part, the flow of water. This will eventually plug the pipe.

Hose blocked by roots

A pipe can be blocked by tree roots.

Sometimes a pipe becomes blocked by the infiltration of roots of trees or other roots that will benefit from cracks and break into and grow in your pipe. The roots will block the material and will create a plug. It is not necessary to have a tree to see roots grow in the ground. So your pipes may be visited by roots, even if you do not have a tree nearby.

Signs that you may have a blocked pipe

There are different signs that your pipes or drain may be clogged:

  • The water in your shower, sink, washbasin or toilet flows slowly
  • Your faucet distributes water jerkily
  • The water level in the toilet bowl changes or you notice the presence of bubbles if you let the water run from a tap
  • You hear sounds of whistling, rain or hammering in the pipes
  • Presence of foul smells

Trying to unclog a pipe yourself

It is possible to unclog a pipe yourself. There are different techniques to unclog a pipe by yourself.

Ask a plumber to unclog a pipe

The plumber is the perfect professional to unclog a pipe. If needed, ProAssistance will help you find very quickly a trusted plumber.