Small jobs to do when buying a condo or a house

24 November 2021

When you buy a property, there is usually some work and improvements that need to be made. Some small jobs will normally be listed in your pre-purchase inspection report and other work will be aesthetic and will vary from buyer to buyer. This work could also be done by the seller before taking possession. This aspect of the transaction is subject to negotiation! It is very rare to see transactions without any work to do on both existing houses/condos and in new real estate projects. So do not be surprised!

Small jobs to do when buying a condo or a house

With the exception of purchasing a new condo or home, small jobs are to be expected when acquiring a property. So you have to organize and budget them.

  • paint work
  • caulking doors and windows
  • repair external cracks
  • change window sills
  • brick replacement
  • installation of GFCI (earth leakage circuit breaker) in the bathroom and in the kitchen
  • changes to the electrical panel
  • redo the finishing joints in the bathroom, powder room and kitchen
  • change faucets
  • change the water heater
  • repair air conditioning
  • roof repair

Find a contractor to do small jobs

Finding a contractor to do small jobs is not easy. These small jobs are sometimes not very interesting for renovation contractors. ProAssistance can help you find reliable and available contractors in minutes to do small jobs on a property. This work generally affects several categories of contractor licensing. To avoid having to deal with an electrical contractor, a plumbing contractor, a roofing contractor, a finishing contractor, you can hire a general contractor who will coordinate everything for you!