Terms of service

The following conditions apply to the services offered by PROASSISTANCE. PLEASE READ THE TERMS of service CAREFULLY before subscribing to the services.

1. Service. When you have completed your service request, in which you specify the services you need, PROASSISTANCE transfers this information to professionals in your area. Interested professionals, if any, will contact you directly to present an estimate or to schedule an appointment to determine the scope of work and the price. However, PROASSISTANCE cannot guarantee that it will find a professional to carry out the services you need or that professionals service your area.

2. Not your contractor or a representative. PROASSISTANCE does not carry out maintenance or renovation work and is not a party to the contract between you and the professional. All the professionals with whom PROASSISTANCE puts you in contact are independent professionals and are in no way partners, co-entrepreneurs, agents or employees of PROASSISTANCE. If you choose to retain the services of a professional to carry out your work through the website, the mobile app, or the services of PROASSISTANCE, you agree that you and the professional enter into a separate contract. Any dispute that may arise between you and the professional will be governed by the service contract entered into between you and the professional and we will in no way be designated as a party to such a dispute.

3. Service charges. You are responsible for all costs, fees, packages, and related fees associated with your use of the professional services and they are not reimbursable by PROASSISTANCE.

4. No representations or warranties. PROASSISTANCE is expressly bound only by an obligation of means, which requires PROASSISTANCE do its best to put you in contact with a professional who has been the subject of an exhaustive verification by PROASSISTANCE. The professionals prepare their quotes and estimates under their sole responsibility. PROASSISTANCE does not guarantee, in any case, the performance of the professional you have chosen, nor the quality and the final result of the
work required in accordance with the service offer.

5. Limitation of Liability. Under no circumstances can PROASSISTANCE be held responsible for direct, incidental, indirect, consequential, special, aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages that may arise from: i) these conditions, the use of the website or mobile app, the services of PROASSISTANCE or the services of professionals in its network, ii) any product or service that you obtain from PROASSISTANCE or from a professional that PROASSISTANCE has recommended to you or otherwise; iii) any fault committed by a professional that PROASSISTANCE recommended to you during the performance of its services; or iv) any professional service contract that PROASSISTANCE has recommended to you or otherwise. You expressly waive any recourse against PROASSISTANCE.

6. Please read the Website Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which are an integral part of these terms.