The benefits of video camera plumbing inspections

21 October 2021

Drains, pipes and sewer lines may occasionally need to be inspected. You’ll need a plumber with a submersible camera who knows how to operate and knows how to correctly interpret the images. So how do you find one when you need one? We can help you—all it takes is a few short minutes!

Reasons for conducting a camera inspection

It is recommended you have your home’s French drain, pipes and conduits inspected as a preventive measure, so you know what condition they’re in. Also, if you’re experiencing regular flow problems with your toilets, bathtubs, showers or sinks, your waste pipe may be blocked. A video camera inspection will be necessary.

What the plumber can see with a video camera

An experienced and well-trained plumber can tell you about a lot of things going on in your pipes, including:

  • Condition of fittings
  • Condition and alignment of joints
  • Presence of corrosion or erosion
  • Presence of foreign objects or debris
  • Tree roots in the piping
  • Cracks