The cost of unclogging a toilet in 2021

21 October 2021

You’ll have to call a plumber to unclog your toilet if your own efforts are unsuccessful. This is often urgent work, especially if you have only one toilet. In addition, getting the job done quickly can prevent dirty water from overflowing.

The cost to have a plumber do it

Prices can vary depending on city or region. The prices below are for unclogging a toilet during regular hours (weekdays during the day). For emergency work at night or on weekends or holidays, the rates are generally double. The plumber may also need to use tools such as a snake and will charge for it in addition to the hourly rate. The average cost of unclogging a toilet ranges from $113 to $327. The chart below shows toilet problems described by clients and the prices charged by plumbers. It will give you a good idea of how much plumbers charge in Quebec.

  • $327 – Toilet clogged, we managed to partially unclog it with a snake. We’re in an apartment and the landlord doesn’t want to take care of it. We’d like to get a price, please. Thank you.
  • $320 – Clogged dual-flush toilet
  • $320 – When you run a bath, the toilet “burps.” When you flush, the toilet leaks at the bottom onto the floor, as if it were blocked at floor level. They haven’t done anything because whenever they try it leaks.
  • $306 – Need a plumber for the following: – Upstairs toilet clogged – Basement toilet leaking – Kitchen sink clogged – Low water pressure in the laundry room sink faucet.
  • $287 – Toilet clogged and water backing up in the bathtub.
  • $280 – Toilet needs to be unclogged.
  • $260 – Toilet clogged. No success after several attempts to fix it myself.
  • $250 – Toilet and shower clogged.
  • $225 – Toilet clogged. The gentleman would like help with his toilet and sink. Both are blocked.
  • $220 – There’s a brush stuck in the toilet because they tried to unblock it themselves with little success.
  • $208 – The gentleman needs a plumber to unblock the toilet and the kitchen sink. Easy to access.
  • $195 – The toilet overflows often, but they solved the problem with the drain cleaner. Today they can’t fully unblock the toilet seat. It keeps overflowing even with the drain cleaner. We’re waiting for your answer and for the time being we’ve closed the washroom.
  • $173 – The toilet is blocked. He needs a plumber.
  • $148 – The lady says her toilet is clogged with a piece of plastic. She didn’t seem to have any other information about the toilet or the plastic. She would like a plumber to come to her house tonight.
  • $143 – Very classic: toilet clogged and already tried all the home remedies.
  • $140 – The tank. We tried with a syphon and a metal wire, but it didn’t work.
  • $137 – My toilets are clogged. When I flush, the water stays there and stagnates.
  • $120 – Blocked pipes: toilet/bath.
  • $113 – The lady needs to have her toilet unclogged. No damage, just unclog it.
  • $113 – Need to open a clogged toilet in a restaurant. Urgent.