Think about renovating before selling your home

21 October 2021

Making a few well-chosen renovations before you sell your home is a winning strategy. It can boost the value of your property and help you get the best price. Here are a few examples of things you can do to sell your property more quickly and at the price you want!

Pick strategically

Not all renovations will help you sell your house (or condo) or boost its value. It’s important to pick the right ones.

Renovations that can help sell your property

Install energy-efficient windows and doors

According to a study by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA), green features are one of the first things buyers look for. They carefully inspect the doors and windows and exterior cladding because if they need to be changed, it can add considerably to their move-in costs. Of course, this type of investment doesn’t have the wow appeal of a brand new kitchen or bathroom. But recent windows and doors, as well as cladding in good condition, are signs that you’ve taken care of your home over the years. This will reassure future buyers.

Build a walk-in closet

Once a buyer has made sure that the building is watertight and well insulated and that the doors and windows won’t have to be replaced for several years, they’ll want to make sure their future needs are met. And when it comes to the need for space, the most important one is a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a must-have today. Try to create as much vertical storage space wherever possible so you don’t take up too much floor space.

Build a walk-in pantry

Similarly, a walk-in pantry will catch the eye of buyers. It’s great for maximizing food storage space and is located right in the kitchen. A sliding door can be installed to save space.

Add a linen closet

One room that often lacks storage space is the bathroom. A spacious and functional closet located outside the bathroom is a good way to provide some. When creating this kind of storage, think vertical so you don’t take up too much floor space and encroach on the living area.

Install a kitchen island

Kitchen islands have been quietly making their way into modern kitchens in recent years. Today, we simply can’t do without them. They’re easy to install and increase the kitchen’s storage capacity while providing more room for preparing food. If your kitchen is slightly outdated, adding an island will give it a contemporary touch.

Think open concept

Make no mistake, buyers prefer open-concept designs. In addition to allowing in more natural light, open-concept homes consume much less energy. If the space used by your kitchen, dining room and living room is limited, you may want to consider opening it up. Open-concept ground floors and kitchens are very chic. In addition to helping you keep an eye on the kids while preparing meals, they offer more decorating flexibility.


One of the easiest jobs to do that also gives you the best return on the investment is to give the whole house a new coat of paint. This will often be enough to give each room a fresh new look.

Install wood floors

If you still have carpeting in some rooms, replacing it with wood or cork floors is a quick way revamp the look. You can opt for floating floors where possible to minimize costs.

Make sure you have plenty of windows

Large windows create a luminous home where natural light enters easily at any time of the day. They’re always popular because nobody wants to live in a house with dark rooms.

Add on to the garage and make it more practical

Many buyers of suburban homes are looking for a 2-car garage. A garage that can accommodate a boat is also very attractive. And with the growing popularity of electric cars, a charging station is a big plus.

Renovate the kitchen or bathroom

Finally, if you want to grab the attention of buyers and get a great return on your investment, a brand new kitchen or bathroom can easily boost the resale value of your home. In fact, you may have no choice if the kitchen and bathroom are showing their age. Obviously you should choose quality materials and tasteful furnishings. If your budget is limited but you still want these rooms to make an impact, you can make limited changes. For example, you can replace your tired old kitchen and bathroom countertops with quartz or granite. Take the opportunity to replace the sinks and faucets. To upgrade the kitchen in no time, you can change the backsplash or reface the cupboards and cabinets. Many home renovation businesses specialize in refacing kitchen cabinets. This is a way to get a quick new look at low cost.

Equip the home with energy-efficient appliances

Some buyers want a home with the appliances included and strongly prefer those that use less energy. If you need to replace large appliances like the refrigerator, stove, washer or dryer, Energy Star appliances are the way to go. Where possible, you can compare the appliances’ EnerGuide ratings (in French only). You can also look for water-efficient appliances.