Tips for renting or installing an electrical generator

21 October 2021

How do you rent or have an electrical generator installed? Who do you contact? When a power outage occurs, it can be important to have a secondary source of power to operate lighting, heaters and other appliances. In a business or store, you may need it for certain machinery. This is where a power generator comes in. It can generate electricity from another energy source such as gas or oil.

Generator types

Portable and emergency generators are available. They can run on oil, propane or gas.

What to look for in an emergency generator

There are different things to look for and compare when selecting a generator. First, choose a recognized brand rather than one of the lower-quality products made in China and sold in big box stores. Japanese generators have a very good industry reputation. Here are the main comparison points:

  • Power in watts and capacity per outlet
  • Autonomy
  • Weight
  • Noise