Toilet selection guide

21 October 2021

You only have to shop around for a bit to realize that choosing a toilet is by no means simple—the number of models and special features is so vast. If you think buying clothing is hard, welcome to the world of toilets! We’ll walk you through it all to help you quickly and easily choose your next toilet.

Toilet selection guide

There are 3 different toilet models on the market:

  • Two-piece toilets
  • One-piece toilets
  • Wall-mount toilets

Two-piece toilets

The water tank and the bowl are separate in a 2-piece toilet, which is the most common and affordable model.

One-piece toilets

In a 1-piece toilet, the tank and the bowl are a single piece, which reduces the likelihood of water leakage. The 1-piece toilet is more aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean.

Wall-mount toilets

Wall-mount or wall-hung toilets attach to the wall, where the water tank is concealed. While they take up less space, they cost more to purchase and install.

Toilet weight

A heavy toilet (40 to 50 kg) will be denser and therefore stronger than a lightweight toilet (20 to 25 kg).

Toilet bowl height

There are two toilet heights available on the market. The standard height ranges from 14 to 16 inches and is best suited for smaller people or families with children. The comfort height ranges from 16 to 17 inches and is suitable for taller people or those with impaired mobility. Wall-mount toilets can be installed at the desired height.

Toilet shape

The toilet bowl can be rounded or elongated. The rounded style is perfect for tight spots, while the elongated shape is preferable if you have more space and are looking for something more comfortable.

Flush performance

The amount of solids removed with a single flush is how flush performance is measured. Some toilets can eliminate 350 grams of solids with one flush, while others can handle up to 700 or 1,000 grams.

Toilet prices

Toilet prices vary widely. The lowest-priced models start at around $80, while high-end models can sell for more than $3,000. For a quality toilet, allow between $300 and $600. Plumbers generally recommend brands such as Kohler, American Standard, Toto and Crane.