When is the best time to post content on your Facebook page, and what should you post?

18 May 2022

Facebook is an important social network for people around the world. In fact, you can achieve greater reach with Facebook than with any other single social network. However, there are factors to consider if you want to make your efforts a success. Here are our tips to post content on your Facebook page.

What should I post?

You can post facts about your business on your Facebook business page, posts from other businesses in your industry or referrals that you find interesting, as well as direct promotions and advertisements from your business.

Show off your expertise

People want to receive appealing offers when they browse their Facebook page, but you shouldn’t overdo it. You benefit most by showcasing your expertise and sharing facts about your field of work. That way people can learn about you. For example, home inspectors can show how competent they are by posting about what makes a good home inspection.

Share interesting facts

Fun facts about your line of work should make up the majority of your posts. Here’s a fascinating fact: although your competitors may try to stymie your success on Facebook, they can also help you break into your market. For example, you can share interesting things they have posted on their Facebook business page while quoting them, and then explain what you are interested in and what is important to note in the comments or in the description. So you give yourself a chance to show that you, too, are competent. To a lesser extent than your news stories, share news about your competition, taking care to afford yourself equal credibility.

Promote your business

A small portion of your posts should be used to promote your great rates, offers and service. Unlike what you may have heard, publishing promotions galore is often not well received by Internet users. On the other hand, one in 10 posts that offer a great deal on your products or services will be well received by potential customers. For example, a low-priced dry cleaning offer gets results if it stands out among 10 other posts, but not if it accompanies 10 other similar offers.

When to post

You should choose a frequency and try to stick to it at all costs. Regularity is what attracts followers on social networks. Unlike what you might think, sheer frequency is not what gives your business page a boost. If you post every other day, at 7 p.m., for example, you’ll be more successful than if you post 10 times a day at different times. Again, people like regularity.

At what time?

Internet users are often online in the early afternoon, as well as during the dinner hour and early evening. Of course, there are many other factors to consider in order to be successful in your Facebook prospecting, such as the day of the week and the content you post, as well as the way you arrange your text and images. Would you like to know more and learn the secrets of successful businesses on Facebook? If your posts aren’t getting as many visitors as you’d like or you’re not selling enough through Facebook, Daiquiri can help you find a professional to walk you through every step of your web marketing strategy.


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